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This table gives the % of chance to hit for an attacker. In rows, the number of dice for the attacker, and in column the number of dice of the defender. You can set the tokens or rerolls for both units. Each cell gives the % of chance for the attacker to hit the defender, the mean number of hits () and criticals () given.

rerolls rerolls

ESCGo to next phase
alt+p/alt+shift+pShow/Hide possible moves for unit.
RED:goes out of board (this turn or the next), YELLOW:collides with obstacle,
WHITE:collides with unit, GREEN:ok
alt+mShow average move, using only GREEN and WHITE moves, no K-/Tallon turns.
Use shift+p to hide.
alt+1/alt+shift+1Add/Remove to selected unit
alt+2/alt+shift+2Add/Remove to selected unit
alt+3/alt+shift+3Add/Remove to selected unit
alt+4/alt+shift+4Add/Remove to selected unit
alt+5/alt+shift+5Add/Remove (ionization token) to selected unit
alt+6/alt+shift+6Add/Remove (tractor beam token) to selected unit
alt+d/alt+shift+dAdd/Remove to selected unit
alt+cAdd random to selected unit

This is short introduction of Ynot Squad Benchmark. Read the blog dedicated to the app for a more exhaustive description, for a manual and for news.
Ynot Squad Benchmark is a web app for testing squadrons built for the X-Wing Miniatures game. You can design your squads and simulate a battle between them. Both sides can be controlled either by the player or by a simple AI. The player moves the different units and can test new strategies, squadron compositions, maneuvers and initial placements. It can be used to build scenarios, to benchmark against squads you can find in competitions, test new units or upgrades... The app offers the following features:
  • Import your squads using JSON format or text format
  • Move units and perform their actions as in the real game.
  • Detection of collisions with other ships and asteroids, automatic handling of stress, action and combat effects, rolling hit dice for possible hits and criticals.
  • Automatic handling of a number of card effects (pilots, upgrades, ...). Biggs for instance is the unique possible target when in range of a ennemy. Howlrunner effect is automatically taken into account. A console provides feed back on what happens and which effect is triggered.
  • Combat rules: Select the weapon to fire, the target unit, see the results of rolled dice and apply effects. Damages and criticals are delivered automatically, shields are used, ...
  • A simple AI ! It can move the units around and tries to fire at your units. It is simple to outmaneuver it but still, be careful not to be too confident :-)
The app is not really a game since the player plays both sides or against an AI, there is no multi-player version of the app and there will not be. This is in no way a substitute for the real game but is a complementary tool.
The app is (c) Ynot 2017 ( and versions before 0.9.2 (c) Denis Wings 2015-2016 ( MIT license.


Licence and copyright

The app is (c) Ynot 2017 ( (c) Denis Wings 2015-2016 ( The code has an MIT license.

The code of the app relies on the following external fonts and libraries. See their website for their license: Xwing-miniatures-font, Yet Another Squad Builder and JSON format of X-Wing squadrons for card translations, Snap, jQuery, Mustache, Jwerty, Howler, Datatables, Asuggest, lz-string, Hammer, Sheetrock.


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Many thanks to supporters and patrons, in particular to:
James Ramsay, Club165 Ventures, Lorenz Thor, Edward Coxwell-Rodgers, 宜軒 詹, Carlo Casalini, Bryan Gagen, James Berry, Lucas Haeser, Josh Chamot, Erich Leopold,Christian Linnig.
Thanks also for all of the contributors reporting bugs and proposing features.
The Italian translation comes from Fab's squad builder web site. The sounds of space ships, lasers and explosions come from Sa-Matra website. Thanks !


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